Activities and tourism in the beach of Tarifa, Cadiz

A wide range of activities with La Estrella de Tarifa

Tarifa is strategically located within La Costa de La Luz, between two seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. It is a perfect place to give you a myriad of outdoor activities, cultural visits and excursions of all kinds.

Let "La Estrella de Tarifa" offer you our selection:


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Accommodation for your trip to Morocco, Cadiz

Just 35 minutes from Tarifa´s port, by ferry, is one of the jewels of North Africa, Morocco, famous for its ancient traditions, exotic culture, rich and different gastronomy, its bustling souks and full of strong contrasts, offering a multitude of possibilities for any traveler. Visit Tangier, Chaouen or Asilah, with a one-day trip or if you prefer with the possibility of organizing getaways or more complete excursions to Marrakech, the Sahara and its dunes. 

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Dolphin and whale watching on the beaches of Tarifa, Cadiz

The Strait of Gibraltar is the place of migratory path for numerous species of marine mammals, as well as place of residence for some of them.
You will be able to observe them in their own habitat, the great herds of pilot whales, dolphins, sperm whales and orcas, a unique and unforgettable spectacle.
The excursions start in the port of Tarifa, navigating among the wonderful landscape of the Strait, between the two Seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, bordering the shores of 2 Continents so different in culture and so close in distance, such as Europe and Africa.
Enjoy a unique and wonderful experience, watching groups of whales and dolphins that cross the Strait, with the technical explanations from the biologists that are on the tours and the numerous migratory birds that come and go between both continents.
The duration of this tour will be approximately two and a half hours.

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Kite Surf special offers in our establishment

Do you dare to try the wonderful experience of flying over the waves?
Come and get to know the most famous and fun sport that has given Tarifa its name, the weather conditions make it perfect for this activity: transparent waters, extensive white sand beaches, privileged climate with mild temperatures throughout the year and of course the guarantee of wind, the most precious asset for this unique and fun sport.

You'll have a team of international certified instructors with many years of experience to facilitate your learning, regardless of your level; whether you are a beginner as if you already know something about kite surfing and want to increase your level or learn new tricks, we offer you courses adapted to your level.

Have fun and try yourself the feeling of flying over the Tarifa´s famous waves!

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Scuba diving courses in Tarifa, Cadiz

Scuba diving is an exciting activity, and even more in Tarifa. Is the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and at the same time, the closest point to Africa. Its location between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic make it unique for this activity because of the large population and variety of species that each year cross the Atlantic, having the amazing possibility of carrying out the immersion within the environment of the Natural Reserve of the Strait (World Biosphere Reserve).
Throughout the whole year you will be able to watch and enjoy a wide marine life, as well as the fauna and flora (moray eels, turtles, sunfish, nudibranchs, laminaria, anemones ... ) and sunken ships, among other things.

We offer you the possibility of initial courses and first water immersions, PADI , FEDEX, Open Water, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, etc.

All courses include teaching materials, complete gear and personal insurance offered throughout the period of the course, always accompanied and supervised by our team of certified and international instructors.

The most important thing for us is for you to enjoy this exciting sport, friendly atmosphere, relaxed and surrounded by people that will make you live unforgettable moments, we guarantee it.
We can book your dive or scuba diving course without additional cost in our hotel.


"If you've never dived, we recommend you to start with a first immersion in the Sea.
The course consists of a theoretical lecture, and an immersion in the sea, where you first perform a few exercises to 1Mt in depth and then a short dive down to 8 -10 meters.
You will be an hour and a quarter more or less in the water and to carry out the entire activity it takes about three or four hours.
You don't need any prior experience although it is advisable you have practiced "snorkeling" or swimming with goggles previously.
You´ll only need only bring a swimsuit and towel!
Is performed every day from 10:00 in small groups of 2 people "

"Starting there, you can take the course gives you the first Open Water Diver certification.
The Open Water course is considered the first level of diving.
You don't need prior experience although it is advisable you have done a scuba diving first immersion or practiced "snorkeling" before.
To be able to do the Open Water Diver course you need to have a medical certificate (in Tarifa there are clinics that do them).
The OWD course can be done in two ways:
With a book and studying theory: this are 4-5 days in total that require about 6-8 hours a day and in your free time you have to watch the theory video to prepare for the next day.
All inclusive: equipment , books ,DVD , logbook, insurance and rate PADI price €445
With an on-line theory course: three days from 9:30 until 14:00 for swimming pool and dives. All inclusive team, logbook and insurance rate PADI price: €395
For the two courses:
2 swimming pool classes that can be performed from the beach at shallow depths (3 hrs)
4 Dives at sea (two each day ) from a boat
In case you need more hours ( not often necessary ) you have to pay 65 Euros per dive
+ Free Scuba Diving rental equipment free for a year
All courses are private and custom
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Horseback riding in Tarifa, Cadiz

Horseback riding excursions. We offer you the chance to enjoy a ride along the endless beaches of Tarifa on our well trained Andalusian, in particular around the Natural Reserve Los Alcornocales and the Straits, both spots still virgin and to open to discovering. Don't miss the opportunity to gallop on the beach at sunset or the spectacular views of Morocco from any hilltop, among herds of livestock.

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Romantic establishment for dinners for two in Tarifa

We can organize your romantic dinner for two as a special gift for your partner, dinners or lunches for groups or company dinners, we can arrange everything for you. We would like to make your stay enjoyable; therefore, we can recommend you the places that we like most, which will certainly surprise you.

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